The town of Tezze in the municipality of Vazzola is located in the central eastern area of ​​the Province of Treviso. We are on the left bank of the Piave river, a few kilometers south of Conegliano. The Pre-Alps and the rolling hills form a spectacular natural amphitheater that protects the valley from the cold northern winds. The sea is not very far away and its beneficial effects on the climate are felt. We are almost in the center of that “joyful and loving” Marca Trevigiana, famous for its beauty, for its artistic and cultural heritage but also for the excellent quality of life.

The vineyards closest to the winery are grown in the Busche area. There are about thirty hectares, almost equally divided between white and red grape varieties, embellished by the presence of two ancient farmhouses. The farm has always had its main center here, once dedicating itself to the breeding of cattle and silkworms – cornerstones of the agricultural economy of the last century – but over time. giving more and more space to viticulture.

The stratigraphy of the soil highlights different pedological characteristics typical of soils of calcareous-dolomitic alluvial origin such as these. On part of the vines the gravel is prevalent and emerges on the surface, in others it is found only a few tens of centimeters in depth, in still others it is absent. The strong presence of carbonates, particularly evident in some vineyards such as Novalis and Montesanto, has a considerable influence on the aromas of the grapes. Finally, infiltrations of clay favor the production of fully ripe grapes which are indispensable for obtaining red wines to be used for aging.


The landscape of Col Real, on the hill that belongs to the city of Conegliano and now also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, could not fail to guarantee oenological excellence. Conegliano Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG was born in these soils, with tenacious clays and gentle, sunny slopes. The parish church on the top of the hill seems to testify to an almost divine value of what Nature and Man have been able to chisel out over the millennia. We have the task of protecting it and making it known and experienced by friends and customers from all over the world. Prosecco wine has become Italy’s ambassador wine in recent years and has the strength to bring with it all the other wines, smaller in numbers but strongly identifying, which help to ensure a mosaic of possibilities and resistance to homogenization.


The result of an acquisition in the second half of the last century, the company enjoys a business center housed on the grounds of an ancient Venetian Villa once belonging to the Da Mula family. The buildings, partly rebuilt at the beginning of the last century, are still being developed today based on the architectural layout and the design scheme of the sixteenth century villa and gardens. We are much closer to the shores of the Adriatic Sea, and still accompanied by that Piave river that never abandons the fortunes of the family. Here the pedoclimatic conditions favor the cultivation of new vines, in particular Pinot Grigio which benefits from a more open and ventilated countryside. Modern and efficient vineyards for a quality viticulture carried out with professionalism and competence.

Bonotto Delle Tezze is a member of the Wine Tourism Movement and of the Raboso Piave Brotherhood